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Laser TV, no plasma killer


Not that it should come as any surprise, but most manufacturers don't give a shiznit 'bout those laser TVs. Yeah, despite all the blow-harding by Novalux's C-levels about laser TVs supplanting plasmas, most big panel manufacturers have no plans to bring laser TV technology to market anytime soon. See, much of the laser TV hype is coming from Australia's own Arasor -- the company behind the optoelectronic chip central to the laser projection device -- so the Sydney Morning Herald went ahead and contacted Fujitsu, Pioneer, Samsung and Philips to get the poop. Just like we expected, none of them have any immediate plans to incorporate laser TV into their product lines, having already made significant investments in plasma and LCD. In fact, when asked if laser was a plasma killer, Samsung, who along with Mitsubishi are supposed to launch actual product before the close of 2007, stated that "Laser TV is one of a number of competing, next generation formats. At this stage, it is too early to say more." Still, Arasor's co-director Larry Marshall, continues boasting that by January's CES, "eight different manufacturers, including the major ones" will show-up with laser TVs on display. Maybe, but first-prototypes are miles away from mass production, eh Larry. Still, with Arasor set to list on the Australian Stock Exchange today in a few days, well, what do you expect.

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