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Felguard in action

David Nelson

Warlocks have been complaining about the usefulness of the current high-level pets long as I can remember. And they are correct, as the usefulness of any pet beyond the felhunter is limited. However, with the proper spec, a warlock will be able to summon a felguard in the expansion, and it looks like the felguard might actually cross into the realm of usefulness. However, as the video asks, is he 41 points of usefulness? I am not entirely sure. I liked how the Felguard held aggro during the fight towards the middle of the video, but the warlock wasn't tossing any DPS on the mobs. That said, I'd be interested in seeing how a Felguard would hold aggro with a warlock unloading on the mob. Better than a Voidwalker? Anyone from the beta care to shed some light on this?

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