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Sears Xbox 360 commercial has underage kid loving M-rated games

Kevin Kelly

A new Sears commercial for the Xbox 360 has a young boy named Connor telling us what he discovered at Sears. Connor hit the mother lode, because he found a 360, Need for Speed, FIFA, and ... Halo and Halo 2. He dreamily looks off-screen as he fondly remembers fragging someone on the Sanctuary, and telling them they just got pwned.

Apparently Connor, his parents, and Sears all laugh in the face of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, because these two games are both rated M. While we don't always agree with the ESRB, we do find it a bit odd that Sears, a major national retailer, didn't do at least 30 seconds worth of research (which we in the business call "looking at the back of the case the game comes in") and realize that Connor is a bit too young to wax nostalgic about Halo in this nationwide spot.

Check out the video after the jump, and someone let Connor know he'll be able to get Gears of War for that 360, as long as he buys it at Sears.

[Thanks, otakucode]

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