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Timetek's DMBO-3000 DMB / PMP dual-band unit squeezes in DAB, too


Our precious formula of DMB / GPS / PMP players has been shattered this morning by Timetek's new DMBO-3000, leaving two editors passed-out from shock, and three others claiming signs of "wooziness" and a pressing need to head home and watch last night's TiVo'd Lost episode. Turns out the DMBO-3000 is primarily targeted at China, instead of PMP-saturated Korea (though it should be showing up in most T-DMB markets) and leaves out the until-now standard GPS functionality we usually find in these players in favor of dual-band DMB (band III and band L) along with DAB radio. There's also a nifty 2 megapixel camera, along with the more expected things like a 4-inch LCD, solid format support (MPEG and H.264), TV-out and MP3 playback. For storage you can pop in a microSD card, or rely on the paltry 256MB of built-in memory. No word on price or when this thing will be showing up for sale, but we just hope the rest of the consumer public takes its appearance a bit better than we did at the ol' Engadget HQ.

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