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Warner lines up six high-def titles for November 14th


The proud leader of the high definition DVD market in terms of sheer number of titles released, has queued up a few more. Three each for Blu-ray and HD DVD, with Mutiny on the Bounty (1962), Casablanca, and Forbidden Planet (in 50th Anniversay or Ultimate Collectors Edition packaging) hitting HD DVD. Mutiny on the Bounty benefits from a newly restored 65mm source, and will be presented in its original roadshow version, including a prologue and epilogue that were cut before it hit theaters originally. The Forbidden Planet Ultimate Collectors Edition comes with a tin case, Robby the Robot replica, Forbidden Planet and The Invisible Boy lobby cards portfolio, and a mail-in offer for an original theatrical poster. Blu-ray aficionados will have to make do with three movies already out on HD DVD; Million Dollar Baby, The Last Samurai and ATL should should impress just as much as they did -- or didn't -- in their previous 1080p VC-1 incarnations. With the exception of ATL ($34.99), and Forbidden Planet: UCE ($59.92), all carry $28.99 SRPs. We're not sure which is more surprising, that Warner is trying to appeal to the film collectors market just days before the Xbox 360 HD DVD player hits, or that Leslie Neilsen used to have serious non-comedic roles.

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