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False Alarm: GameCube Zelda:TP won't be at retail in US either [update 2]


[Update 2: Nintendo's official statement: Online reports about the Nintendo GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are incorrect. The amazing game will be available at retail outlets nationwide on Dec. 13.]

We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Gamecube, we hardly knew ye.

Joystiq has confirmed with numerous Gamestop and EB Games retailers that the Gamecube version of the newest Zelda offering has been removed from their computer system. Their websites have also been updated to reflect the change. We have yet to receive any official word from Nintendo, but all signs point to this as a done deal.

Get out the pine box and some nails, prepare to bury your Gamecube. It's over. The Gamecube is dead, long live the Wii.

Unless -- Nintendo announces they'll offer Zelda:TP from their online outlet like they will in Japan.

[Thanks Nick]

[Update: 1) Nintendo's PR company is attempting to confirm the information. 2) Some Gamestop and EB Games employees say the reason the game is no longer in their computer system or online is that pre-orders have been maxed out. Apparenly once the company stops taking pre-orders, they remove the game from their computer system entirely. 3) As previously reported, even if the Gamecube version -- the system the game was originally developed for many moons ago -- still comes out at retail, gamers will still be forced to wait until December 11. A full three weeks after the Wii version is released. 4) Nintendo of Europe has apparently confirmed that the game will retail normally there saying, "It's a safe bet to assume the US will be doing the same as us - a full release, though it will be printed in smaller numbers than the Wii version.]

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