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In2Games' "Fusion" controller spices up next-gen motion sensing


Hoo boy, now it's really on. Sure, motion sensing controllers have existed in some sense or another for a while now, but ever since Nintendo got into the game with their Wiimote, and Sony followed suit with the SIXAXIS, a good bit of interesting tech is starting to surface. Case in point, the new motion-sensing tech from In2Games, codenamed "Fusion," takes things to a whole new level, providing for accurate on-screen representation of your motions, not just an approximate like on the Wii or the PS3. The tech apparently works with "sound waves and other technical wizardry," though those dots on the various controller remind us a bit of a motion capture setup. The benefit of all this is that your motions are tracked just as they happen in real space, and you don't need to have the controller pointed at the sensor for it to work. Of course, as demonstrated by video demonstration of the unit, this also means you'll need a good bit of room to swing your arms, and might make things like same console multiplayer quite difficult. There's also the fact that software support will be relatively minimal, but In2Games is making things as easy as possible, since the sensor connects via USB, and therefore should be interoperable with the next-gen consoles. They should be launching Fusion Q3 '07 for "sub-£30" (around $56 US), so that shouldn't be too hard to swallow either. Along with tennis, baseball, lightsaber, golf and bowling controllers pictured above, the Fusion controller also comes in a version shaped like a traditional next-gen controller, but which can be split apart for performing motion-sensed moves. It's pictured after the break.

[Via Joystiq]

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