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Japanese hardware sales, 9 October - 15 October: stupidest ever edition


OMFG Here are this weeks Japanese sale charts and as usual the nintedo Ds lite is DOWN cause nobuddy is buying it. Now, let me start by saing that I love NINTEDO and that im not bias but it has a red arrow and red is FTL loller. they are on the way out with they're kiddie games and brain age. more like LAME age mirite??!1

- DS Lite: 104,487 19,650 (15.83%)
- PS2: 24,727 3,537 (12.51%)
- PSP: 21,603 553 (2.63%)
- GBA SP: 2,299767 (50.07%)
- Xbox 360: 1,743 358 (17.04%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,714 441 (34.64%)
- Gamecube: 653 165 (33.81%)
- DS Phat: 273 13 (5.00%)
- GBA: 37 25 (208.33%)
- Xbox: 3 5 (62.5%)

Unleik the DS, the SONY PSP is going up in the sales my friend Bill told me that it'll pwn number 1 soon because it has better grafx than any other protable console and, a better screen then the Gameboy micro morore like the game boy psyhco cos that's what you aer if you buy one it's just the old GBa with a britter screen. Anyway the Xcast 360 also came odwn from last time because people don't want to play Crapo on M$ consoles where you can't even buy tetris full version you its all mirco transactions. and you can't play grand truismo on it ether!

[Source: Media Create]
[Special thanks to previous sales chart commenter, spike117, for providing the inspiration for this week's sales post.]

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