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LG's Chocolate DLP "hand held" projector


Ok, we admit it, we never saw it coming. Introducing the Chocolate "hand held" DLP projector from LG. Guess we can't blame 'em, when you've got a winning design you just kinda have to milk that teet. But sweet baby jeebus, under what situation is a projector really useful as a hand held? Not like it runs on batteries or anything. Best we can tell from the pics, you'll get VGA and HDMI inputs for projecting images on the side of vans, in the car, in the office, or uh, in the mall. Really. In fact, we've got our interns holding a few right now, projecting our delicate prose into the lard tubs at Sbarro's. Oh juicy meatball, how you mock thee. More of the goods after the break.

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