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L's quad core laptop with 24 hour battery will ship when heck freezes over


There are shipping-impaired companies, there are sketch-mondo companies and then there are flat-out bogus companies. L International Computers Inc., formerly known as Liebermann, falls squarely in the latter category, yet somehow they've manged to get out a fancy press release via the usual channels, and even sport a "pink sheet" stock listing. Of course, just like all Liebermann announcements (pictured up above we have their 20-inch laptop that never materialized), this one is fairly preposterous -- and that's why we love 'em. Their new "prototype" laptop sports an Intel quad core processor that doesn't exist yet; a high-res OLED touchscreen in lieu of a keyboard, allowing for Optimus functionality without any of those annoying ergonomics; a PuRAM solid state flash drive (existing versions of which run in 16 and 32GB sizes, sporting $4,000-ish pricetags); and beats all of those crazy claims by boasting of hot-swappable fuel cell batteries, based on hydrogen and methanol designs, providing up to 24 hours of continuous battery life. Right. Just like the folks over at NotebookReview state, such a laptop couldn't be feasible for under $20k within the next few years -- if at all -- but it sure makes for a fun way to trick gullible investors.

[Via NotebookReview]

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