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Boy on boy kissing in Bully


Bully hero Jimmy Hopkins is bisexual, or just experimenting, based on videos starting to surface. Looks like the controversy about Bully was a bit premature, as Hopkins obviously prefers to make love, not war. This is not "Hot Coffee" by any stretch of the imagination -- just kids kissing.

Now before everybody goes crazy, depending on your moral sensibilities, there are two videos after the break. Gamebrink's version is quick like a band-aid, with one smooch session. Of course, GayGamer's version has Jimmy going back for seconds -- nope, thirds -- wait, fourths.

The game is rated T and the box clearly states that there are "sexual themes." Players can also go through Bully without ever having to kiss a boy if they don't want to. Hopefully, the negative hype about Bully is so played out that this surprising content won't cause a frenzy about youth corruption or some such nonsense. Once again, it's kissing -- everyone stay calm.

Gamebrink version (One kiss):

GayGamer version (Multi-kiss):

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