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iWriter - easily create study tools for the iPod, .Mac and the web

David Chartier

Yea that's right: I said 'study tools' and 'iPod' in the same sentence. iWriter is an interesting little app from Talking Panda that allows you to quickly build projects and study tools for easy viewing on an iPod or the internets. Projects can be uploaded to a .Mac account, and iWriter offers 8 project templates to help students and teachers alike hit the ground running. This handy little app can even record lectures, and a preview pane allows you to see exactly what your project will look like on an iPod while you build it.

All this isn't bad for a $12 piece ofUniversal Binary shareware. While a demo is available, Talking Panda receives a ding for requiring an email address to download it (though I can understand a small software outfit's need to reach out to their potential customers). Still, check iWriter out if you're in the market for more better studying with the help of your iPod.

[via the intrepid Nik Fletcher]

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