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Samsung shows off stereoscopic phone

Chris Ziegler

What, did you think Samsung was just going to call it a day after showing their lil' stereoscopic AMOLEDs a few months back? Heck no, we all knew those things were going to find their way into prototype handsets with all due haste. Sure enough, the Korean manufacturer chose the home-turf Korea Electronics Show to unveil a swiveling clamshell sporting a 320 x 320 example of their 3D tech. Samsung itself is the first to point out that it thinks it can succeed with mobile 3D where others have failed (read: NTT DoCoMo), thanks to the unusually high resolution (and diminutive size) of its new display and a commitment to creating content. If everything goes as planned up in those R&D labs, look for AMOLED-based handsets to hit the market come the second half of 2007.

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