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Checkout - point of sale for Mac (beta)

David Chartier

Jasper Hauser and company have been busy, as Disco isn't the only thing pot on their oven. Behold: Checkout, a point of sale app (in beta) for store owners running Mac OS X. Boasting a 15 minute learning curve, Checkout has an impressive lineup of features, like:

  • Interoperability - "export anything you want"
  • Easy Backups - the database is just one file, with a .Mac Backup QuickPick included (hint hint to other devs)
  • Bookkeeping super powers for maximum accountant happiness
  • Address Book syncing
  • "Extensive" reporting
  • High-Speed input for more better schmoozing with customers
Checkout's site offers a number of screencast Quicktours to help you get an idea of everything it can do. I personally don't run a retail store, but from looking at Checkout, I'm starting to wish I did. While Checkout is in beta, pricing and an official release date are still TBD.

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