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Gamer Deals from Best Buy

Kyle Orland

No, we're not trying to horn in on Cheap Ass Gamer's territory, but with this holiday gaming season looking to be one of the most expensive in recent memory, we figured you'd like to be made aware of every opportunity to stretch those gaming dollars.

Our first offer sees Best Buy trying to clear out their stocks of some PS2 Greatest Hits titles at two-for-$30, a $10 savings off the MSRP. There are some real clunkers in the list, but if you missed out on great games like God of War or Burnout 3 the first time around, this is the perfect opportunity to get them.

For gamers who think the PS2 is so last gen, Best Buy also has a great deal for Xbox 360 owners. Buy any 360 game from the retailers and you can get 1,600 Xbox Live points for $4.99, a $15 savings. That's enough points to get more than halfway to a full version of Lumines Live. Wow!

Got any other advice for money-saving this holiday season? Share the wealth in the comments.

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(Thank T1mmae and Zegarek)

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