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Mod community strikes back, restoring KotOR2

Alan Rose

LucasArts may or may not be guilty of pressuring Obsidian into wrapping up Knights of the Old Republic 2 before it was ready, but the Star Wars licenser isn't standing in the way of independent efforts to restore the game to its originally intended glory. In another inspiring example of mod communities taking matters into their own hands, Team Gizka (named after the small reptilian creatures in KotOR) has been hard at work restoring much of the "lost content " that is noticeably absent from The Sith Lords. You can check the Restoration Project web site for weekly updates as they near completion of a PC patch that should give fans a more complete KotOR2 experience than the standalone retail edition. Team Gizka is also considering an Xbox patch, but a decision won't be made until after the PC update is released.

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