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Quadtec unveils pricey digital wristwatch

Darren Murph

While we've got no qualms with implausibly priced gizmos, nor with timepieces sporting integrated Bluetooth, drum machines, GPS, or breathalyzer functionalities, Quadtec seems to be asking a bit much for a watch that does little besides alternate the way you tell the time. For those who might actually enjoy learning a new way to read time, Quadtec's digital watch can be "set to show the number of minutes to the full hour," so you can have the presumable pleasure of "reading the time on a digital display as you would on an analog one." Aside from also displaying the current day / date, it only sports a simple backlight and alarm, while coming in a stealthy briefcase that packs orange, black, and stainless steel bands. Although it bears striking resemblance to a top-notch gumball toy, this uninspiring wristwatch demands a whopping 1,960 quarters (or $490, whichever you prefer).

[Via I4U]

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