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The RB2000 gymnastbot: next step to real robot olympics?


If robots are going to take over the earth, they're obviously going to want to be active about it, even if it's only so they can stop us humans from pulling the plug. Taking a very tiny step towards such a fit robotic uprising is the RB2000, a 12-inch tall programmable gymnasticbot from JR Robotics in collaboration with Vstone. The RB2000's most innovative feature is that it's capable of performing complex swinging maneuvers on a crossbar, as the little fella does pull-ups and 360 degree swings with quite some competance. Seeing as this model is physically stuck on the bar (the bar slots in between openings in the robot's arms) we're not quite worried about robots hidden in the rafters just yet, but as always, we wouldn't say no to a quick update of that handy robot ethics guide. Death by swinging robot kick just ain't humanity's style, y'know?

[Via Primidi]

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