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KTFT's EV-KD350 with split screen

Chris Ziegler

While we patiently wait for true mobile TV of any sort to launch here in the States, Koreans will be getting ready to enjoy another phone to sport a DMB tuner with split screen capability, the EV-KD350 from KTFT. The white slider brings GPS, expandable memory, and a 1.3-megapixel shooter to the table, but naturally, the real story here is the display's dual personality. Since text messaging while enjoying your favorite soap opera can be an exercise in tedium when the video goodness takes up the whole darned screen, the KD350 splits it all down the middle so you don't miss a single second of commercials while browsing Engadget Mobile's mobile feed. That's all well and good if you're on Korea's KTF network where the KD350 is bound, but otherwise, it seems our split-screen dreams are going to have to remain unfulfilled a bit longer yet.

[Via Tech Ticker, thanks Neil]

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