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MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo notes

Dan Pourhadi

Laurie just covered the release of the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros, which tout an impressive 39% speedboost (or so Apple claims). But some of the best new tidbits are hidden inside the press release:

  • All MacBook Pro models now include a FireWire 800 port -- meaning we can all rest assured in the belief that Apple isn't slowly abandoning FireWire after all. Also great news for everyone who purchased FireWire 800 hard drives during the PowerBook G4 reign.
  • The MacBook Pros also support more memory -- up to 3GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Storage capacity has increased, too -- you can get a 200GB HD via Apple's online store.
  • All MacBook Pros also now come standard with a double-layer SuperDrive (I don't remember specifically if these were included in the previously-updated MBP models -- if not, they are now!)
The gap between the MacBooks and MacBooks Pros is constantly growing, as we see Apple pushing the Pros in a more Pro-line direction. At least now it's easier to justify the huge price difference.

Update: Interestingly, Apple also released a MagSafe airline adapter. From Apple: "With a MagSafe Airline Power Adapter, you'll never again worry about losing power while traveling. Just plug it into your airline seat power port and keep your MacBook or MacBook Pro powered up for the entire flight." It comes with two different connectors (EmPower and a 20mm adapter) and costs $59.00.

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