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MS drops "Gamer" from Gamer Dad

Ross Miller

After a week being the "Gamer Dad," Microsoft's latest column has undergone a name change. Now meet the "Xbox Dad." The change comes after a public outcry from the original Gamer Dad, Andrew S. Bub, who has run since 2003.

When Microsoft's Gamer Dad column was unveiled, author Brian "Brize" Johnson (author of Xbox 360 for Dummies) explained that's resident "reporter" TriXie had approached him to do the column. The forums lit up following its publication, leading Bub to declare that "this one is for my lawyer."

"Nobody contacted me beforehand," said Bub, via an e-mail correspondence with Joystiq. "This came as quite a shock because I'm very well known inside of this industry. Also, I've had a great relationship with Microsoft for over ten years now. I mean, just like with Nintendo and Sony, we review and recommend Microsoft product all the time."

No one at Microsoft has responded regarding where the name "Gamer Dad" initially came from. Johnson told us he felt Xbox Dad was a good change. Whether or not Microsoft knew of's existence during the column's inception, the Gamerscore blog made reference to it when introducing Brize's column.

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