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Pre-awareness Wii displays for Best Buy?

Blake Snow

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A Best Buy employee who wishes to remain anonymous sent in the above pre-launch Wii setup for the retailer including a 22-page memo documenting which stores will participate in the promotion. The letter, written by VMSM (third-party Nintendo marketer?) and addressed to "Best Buy Retail Management," names 249 participating stores and includes installation instructions for two, four-foot "Coming Soon" billboards with one count-down clock. Billboards are expected to hit stores on November 1.

While it looks big, keep in mind those white boxes could denote existing inventory. More interesting, however, is the display copy: "When you hit a drum, swing a raquet or a bat, why should you have to press a button?" A new slogan that perhaps effectively communicates Wii's take on the game interface.

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