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Samsung to add A707 to Cingular's 3G lineup

Chris Ziegler

So apparently, we weren't the only ones to notice that Samsung's ZX20 was getting whooped in the looks department by its Cingular stablemate -- from arch rival LG, no less -- the CU500. The stumpy antenna, the thick, plasticky body... not design attributes you're necessarily looking to rock when trying to get the word out about your hot new 3G network. The new SGH-A707 looks to make good on the ZX20's promise, offering a 2-megapixel cam, comprehensive media support (including DRM'd Windows Media), and that lovely HSDPA radio in a 17.5-millimeter clamshell package. No word on a release window, but we don't see a secondary cam for that not-until-2007 video calling stuff, so we reckon this thing has a shot at seeing the light of day before too long.

[Via Digital Tech News]

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