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Get Vista at a discount if you buy a PC now

Cyrus Farivar

Have you been holding off on that PC purchase, (say one of those hot Core 2 Duo laptops) in favor of waiting for Vista to come out, just to be sure that it'll work with your new investment? The official Windows Vista Team Blog announced today that: "PCs loaded with Windows XP or pre-installed with 2003 Microsoft Office software can be upgraded via the Express Upgrade to Windows Vista and Microsoft Office Technology Guarantee program." So that means if you buy a PC now and you have Windows XP MCE 2005, XP Pro, XP Tablet PC Edition, or Pro x64, you'll get to upgrade to Home Premium, Vista Business (for XP Pro and Tablet), and Vista Business 64 respectively for an additional nominal fee. Further, if you have XP Home, you'll get a 50 percent discount for Vista Home Basic / Premium. This announcement might be the second bit of Vista good news we've heard in the last couple weeks.


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