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New GOW trailer pulls at your heartstrings [update 1]


There is a new Gears of War trailer available on Xbox Live Marketplace. This one is a little different from previous trailers. Instead of focusing on killing, death, and chainsaws, this ad focuses more on the "destroyed beauty" theme of the game. Set to the Tears for Fears song, "Mad World," -- performed here by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules -- the mood of the trailer is perfect. We can't help but remind everyone how gorgeous the game is, either. If they really wanted to, Epic could make a Gears movie just using the game engine.

For those of you away from your 360, you can check out the trailer on Xboxyde here. We'd still suggest you download the 720p version from Marketplace when you get the chance, though. Only 12 days left, people. Don't forget to enter our Pumpkin Carving Contest if you'd rather not pay for your copy of GOW.

Update: The song also includes Gary Jules

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