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Shadow priests have a website to call their own [Update]

David Nelson

While I don't think Blizzard has sanctioned this website as the Official Shadow Priest homepage, they probably should. At first I thought this was just the rantings of a 13 year old leet gamer, but the proper grammar and lack of typos leads me to believe it is just a clever little piece of satire. The author certainly sounds like a veteran shadow priest with observations like...

  • "Shadow priests are fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful and sweet." Can't argue with that logic!
  • His liberal use of the term "melt faces".
  • Shadow priests being so cool that they cause the author to lose control of, should go and check that part out yourself.
  • Finally, he tells an amazing tale of a shadow priest at an inn that you must read to truly appreciate.
I love WoW websites that don't take themselves too seriously, and this one certainly fits the bill. And while it is not laugh out loud funny, I think it is pretty darn clever. What do you guys think? Does the website convince you that shadow priests have the REAL Ultimate Power?

[This website might be slightly NSFW due to colorful language. And upon further review, the Official Shadow Priest site is a parody of another site dealing with the only thing that might be cooler than shadow priests, that being ninjas.]

[Update: Sorry guys, but as Ken said in his comment "Geocities ftl". Hopefully the link will be back up soon! While we wait, be sure to check out the comments, as Undying has the text from the site.]

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