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David Jaffe compares Xbox Live to Ashlee Simpson

Ross Miller

David Jaffe is a fiery voice who's not afraid to speak his mind. Speaking to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, Jaffe took some jabs at Microsoft's Xbox Live service and its penchant for retro material.

While discussing Jaffe's upcoming PS3 download title Criminal Crackdown, he and Croal entered an extended metaphor comparing game format to music. It is at this point where Jaffe, under the guise that God of War is Opera in this analogy, remarked that Xbox Live is more like the pop stylings of Ashlee Simpson, or of an oldies station (hence Pac Man and XBLA's other retro titles). Criminal Crackdown, on the other hand, is closer to the Beatles. We're assuming post-Revolver era, as "I wanna hold your hand" really isn't much better than the bubblegum pop of today.

While we love to see Jaffe take part in inane allegories that are usually reserved for Iwata and Kojima, we can't help but want to extend this metaphor further, throwing in some Mizuguchi and Guitar Hero -- we'll save it for the comments. As all of Jaffe's titles have been published by Sony, we're not surprised he's supportive of his financial backer and antagonized by their competitor. But invoking Ashlee Simpson? That's just cruel.

Jaffe also used his interview time to discuss his feelings on God of War sequels, noting that if "it was up to me , he would have fallen off the mountain in the first game and actually died."

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