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Evergreen's EG-D570X portable DVD player: better, worse, and the same as Sony's


So you're one of the dwindling few still in the market for portable DVD, eh? And you like Sony's latest but it's just a bit too rich, right? Pssst, yeah you, come 'ere. Evergreen has just slid open the trench to reveal this 7-inch portable DVD player doing what Sony's can't -- play DiVX files. In the US, anyway. Oh sure, the EG-D570X ekes-out 2.5-hours after recharging that external battery for 5-hours -- less than half the juice and nearly 2x the charge time as the Sony, but they both feature that same sucktastic 7-inch display capable of a mere 480x234 pixel resolution. Of course, Evergreen's not exactly synonymous with quality, but you'll be saving a Grant at just ¥17,980 or about $151. Now, whatcha gonna do, we ain't got all day?

[Via Impress]

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