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Looking for a turtle mount?

David Nelson

In the least shocking news of the day, and possibly the month, people are already selling the "rare" turtle mount card from the collectible card game on Ebay. And as can be expected, some folks are trying to squeeze every cent out of the card they can. Just for a comparison, beta keys for the Burning Crusade are going for around four hundred dollars. How much are some people asking for a turtle mount card? How does $450 buy it now sound?

Are these people crazy? Is someone going to actually pay that? Sadly my friends, the answer is yes. There are several completed auctions well north of the $300 mark. And as of this moment there are several cards that have confirmed bids in the $150+ range. I wish I was kidding. For those late to the party, let us review:

1. The turtle mount card entitles you to one free turtle mount that you can use for one of your characters.

2. The mount gives you no speed boost whatsoever. After all, it is a turtle.

3. Other than just having the mount to ride around Ironforge, there is no reason to have the mount at all. It serves absolutely no purpose besides e-peen waving. And it isn't even "Hey! Me and my guild downed C'Thun" e-peen waving, it is "Hey! I got lucky opening up a pack of cards" e-peen waving.

How rare is this card exactly? Do we really, truly know? And would anyone in their right mind keep one if they could essentially finance a Wii and 2 games with their booster pack find? Anyway, if you are looking for a turtle mount for whatever reason, be sure to check out Ebay, and be prepared to spend.

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