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Milestone: Sims' Hilary Duff campaign


We might have glossed over EA's deal with all-purpose-pop star Hilary Duff when it was announced earlier this month, but we're forced to call attention to a new photo spread of the digitized Duff (starring in Sims 2 Pets) because, one, Ludwig demanded we pay rightful homage to his idol; and two, this is a significant milestone in the games industry. Correct us if we're wrong, but isn't this the first time a publisher has pulled in a female celebrity to market its game to other females? (We exclude Mary-Kate & Ashley because they push their own Olson-branded games.)

While we can't shake the ickiness of this deal, we have to acknowledge that EA landing Duff has opened up games marketing to a new realm of possibilities. Is there more profit in pursuing the ladies' dollar?

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