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Now then, about those PS3 games on your PSP...

Nick Doerr

Sony's head of hardware development for both the PS3 and the PSP, Izumi Kawanishi, sat down with Famitsu magazine to discuss the details of the plaguing question: what's with the connectivity between the PS3 and the PSP... game-wise? Clearly, just viewing the media wouldn't be enough, so... there's got to be more to it than that. Says IGN: "While Kawanishi didn't get into specifics, we imagine the PSP being used just to display game footage sent to it by the PS3 and send back controller data input by the player." Yeah, well, if that isn't a revelation, here's a bit of foresight: Kawanishi purposely created the PSP with a 16:9 display because he had this idea for the future in mind. Good job, Izumi-chan. Can we say that? Of course, you need the 60GB Wi-Fi model of the PS3 to take advantage of this connectivity. Kawanishi didn't really go into whether a USB Wi-Fi connection with the lower-end model will yield the same result, but really, why wouldn't it?

In a similar but mostly unrelated vein, updating your system software will be done via flash media or game/media software -- similar to the PSP system updates. Kawanishi made mention also that the PS3 games will indeed be region-free, so they can be played as-is (although there will be "exceptions"...). So there you have it -- a few questions answered, a couple left. Any plaguing you in particular? We'll keep an eye out for certain ones that pop up often.

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