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The Helmet MP3 player rocks tunes, does not protect against head injuries

Evan Blass

Sure, your MP3 player might show the world your love of Hello Kitty, U2, Minnie Mouse, or, um, geometry, but wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could rock out to tunes while supporting your favorite college team? Well break out your old letter jacket and stained white hat, because school's back in session, thanks to a new DAP on the market shaped and decorated exactly like a mini football helmet (minus the blood-stained facemask, of course). Coming at you from the same company that wowed us with the PEZ MP3 player, the Helmet MP3 sports 1GB of storage, a two-color OLED, and an FM tuner, and features the logo of one of almost 50 major collegiate teams (sorry, Vassar). A convenient belt clip ensures that your school spirit is on display for all to see, and at $100, this DAP is priced exactly the same as the 512MB, screenless PEZ model. Keep reading for a few more bigger-than-life pics, and then hit the Read link if you want to order one of these after your next keg stand.

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