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Toys "R" Us PS3/Wii pre-orders Sunday

Kyle Orland

Those unlucky souls who missed out on getting their next-gen system pre-orders at Gamestop will have another chance to throw money at a large, multinational corporation this weekend. Toys "R" Us will be taking pre-orders for the PS3 and Wii for $50 down starting on Sunday, Oct. 29.

Stores contacted by Joystiq said they didn't know exactly how many pre-orders they would be taking, but a poster on the Gaming-Age forums estimates 12 to 25 Wiis and five to 14 PS3s per store (take these estimates with an unconfirmed grain of salt). The offer will be well-publicized in the Toys "R" Us "big book" (see pp. 64, 66) due in this weekend's newspapers, so be sure to get to the store early if you want to beat out little Billy's kindly old grandmother and others like her.

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