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Breakfast Topic: Your First Class

David Nelson

When I first bought World of Warcraft, I hadn't followed the development or beta process very closely at all. In fact, even though I preordered months before release, I had no real idea what all the different classes were. Although I can't remember for sure, I think my first look at the classes was when I created my very first toon (working 70 hours per week will do that to you). Not knowing which classes were considered good, and which were gimped, and what race to choose for which class, I did what approximately 50% of all players did during that initial launch period...I chose a Night Elf rogue. Noob city, huh?

I played that rogue until the mid-30's, then I gave up, rolled a priest, leveled it to 60 and the rest is glorious Bloodhoof history. I recently started playing that rogue again just for the heck of it, and it got me thinking...what became of the first toon other people rolled? I know my best buddy had a druid he played for about four days before switching to warlock, and he told me the other day that since he gave up the druid he has never as much as logged him in again. I have another friend who rolled a mage on day one and it is still his main to this day.

What about you guys? Which class did you start with and why? Careful research or just randomly choosing whatever looked interesting at the time? And do you still play the toon? Or is it in the dustbin?

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