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Design a USB flash drive for Solid Alliance and win... a USB flash drive!


The fine folks at Solid Alliance have never seemed to be lacking for inventive designs, but they're now turning to you for some help sprucing up this otherwise ordinary-looking USB flash drive, soliciting designs in four different categories: foolish, proverb, creative,and "kiyara." You have until November 10th to get your design in (a template's provided on the page linked below), with the winning design chosen shortly thereafter on November 21st. So what exactly do you get for all your hard-fought Photoshopping, apart from the adoration of flash drive users across Japan? Why a USB drive of your own with your design on it, of course, with all the design rights given to Solid Alliance for them to do with what they please. Ah, the price of fame.

[Via Akihabara News]

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