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Forum Post of the Week

David Nelson

I have decided to start highlighting what I believe to be the Forum Post of the Week. And I will do it weekly. Hah.

How do I select the post of the week? Well, I take all the posts that have any semblance of creativity, intelligence or reason and toss them out the window. That leaves me with approximately 99.99% of the posts left over to choose from. Next, I find a post that kind of rambles on a bit, provides no insight, and has gratuitous spelling and grammar errors. Once I find one that fits the bill, I make sure we have some equally as inane responses and bam! I have have a Forum Post of the Week.

This week's Post of the Week comes to us from the creatively named Ninjapirate from the Kirin Tor realm. And lookie there...he is a level one alt! Fabulous! His post first caught my eye with the witty title "No offense". Whenever someone starts off a conversation with the term "no offense", it generally means someone is about to be offended. And as you can expect, Ninjapirate delivers! Who does he choose to offend? The homosexual community! However, he doesn't really offend them, as his post is complaining about him choosing a female toon and being hit on by homosexual men. Men who think he is a woman, therefore not exactly homosexual. Ninjapirate should spend less time playing WoW and more time trying discover the meaning of the word "homosexual". Finally, he peppers his amazingly insightful post with incredible amounts of spelling errors, sentences that make no sense whatsoever and arguments that have no basis in reality. All in all, it is truly a great start for our Post of the Week feature.

As there is a high probability of this idiotic post getting deleted, I have captured it for you after the jump. If you see any particularly amazing posts in the forums, send them my way!

"No Offense" a post by Ninjapirate:

but there must be an over -ambundance of homosexuals that play this game (no offense)

i have like 6 alts all males, so i decided just once to try out a female character. (im a guy btw).

im lvl 10 already i have gotten at least 6 random tells from other guys starting out like:

"hey baby.....can i help you with anything" (this guy is a 42 hunter in IF while im grinding in westfall.)


"hey sexy...."

keep in mind my character's name is feminine sounding. This is just to let you guys to think beofre you start typing...cuz i may appear to be a G.I.R.L. ingame, but im a dude IRL.

what would you guys do?

my last tell was...."im curious as to behind the meaning of your name, and how old are you?" i lied and told him im a 75yr old grannie, that ST FU him rite up.

anyone else have thi problem?

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