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PC Mag pits DS Lite against PSP in LCD tussle


While most folks' personal opinions on handheld consoles are likely too entrenched by now to be swayed by something like an in-depth LCD comparison, it is still a somewhat notable exercise, you know, in the interest of history and all. PC Mag apparently thinks so too, enlisting the help of display expert Ray Soneira from DisplayMate Technologies to pick the the two displays apart pixel by pixel. In the end, the PSP's widescreen display came out on top, but only just, beating the DS in DPI, viewing angle, and picture contrast, while Nintendo's screen double-team topped the PSP in brightness and color gamut. What's more, Soneira says that the both displays could perform even better with the proper firmware tweaks. Now that's the kind of firmware update we'd welcome.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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