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SATA-EC300 dual-eSATA ExpressCard for uh, Boot Camp


In a gesture of goodwill we appreciate at the end of a long week, System Talks Japan is here to value you up! with their Sugoi SATA card. Otherwise known as the SATA-EC300, this eSATA ExpressCard allows you to connect not just one, but two external SATA drives to your laptop computer and supports drive hot swap, 3Gbps transfer speeds, and NCQ for improved SATA performance. Better yet for MacBook Pro owners, the SATA-EC300 is said to work equally well under native OSX or when juicin' Mircosoft's OS under Boot Camp -- Made for Boot Camp Apple? So go ahead, slap a couple of 2TB DriveStations on your new MBP, you've earned it buddy. Expected early November in Japan for the up-valued price of just ¥9,800 (about $83).

[Via Impress]

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