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Unofficial effort yields mobile Google Video

Chris Ziegler

Google has managed to show a good deal of love toward the mobile community as of late, culminating recently with the (more dubious) arrival of mobile AdWords. It seems a bit odd, then, that they've completely overlooked Google Video in the process. Scott Robbin, who fashioned his own solution to the problem, puts it best: "How many times have you been sitting on the train, with nothing to do, and you thought to yourself, 'Boy, I'd really like to be watching a video about pickles,' only to realize that you have none on your person? If you're like me, then the answer is plenty." According to Scott's site, the rig works on any phone with an XHTML-compliant browser that has (or can get hold of) an AVI / MP4 player; you just surf on over to a page he's set up and search for video as you normally would and links provide access to the videos themselves. Hey Google, how does it feel to get shown up by one motivated fella who likes his video on the road?

[Via Crave]

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