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Wii hands-on worries about controller, likes games

Kyle Orland

The folks over at Bit-tech were able to score some extensive hands-on time with the Wii outside of the short demos shown at E3 or other mass-media events. The impressions are generally positive, but stripped of the effusive praise for the system that seems to have gripped most of the game journalism community

Bit-tech worries that the controller may end up being a gimmick, fun to bring out at parties but not as intriguing on a day-to-day basis. The site also felt the controller's motion-sensing technology wasn't as revolutionary as it could be -- instead of a "magic wand" that accurately senses every move, the author felt like the controller has "been designed to mimic a joypad, with a few neat tricks thrown in."

All that being said, the preview did have positive things to say about most all of the games demoed, and mentioned that the system is "fun to play." But despite the claims of a completely revolutionary experience by Nintendo and others, Bit-tech found their experience with the Wii "a bit different from the 360 and PS3, but not drastically as you may have thought/hoped."

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