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Sky HDTV coming to New Zealand in 2008


Sky revealed to investors recently it plans to roll out an unnamed -- here's a name, Sky HD -- HDTV service in early 2008 featuring broadcasts as well as video-on-demand via satellite or internet connection. Sounds a lot like the Sky HD service already rolling out in the U.K., hopefully by the time it launches down under all the bugs will be worked out. The broadcaster already launched a new satellite earlier this month to provide a stronger signal, and expects free-to-air digital broadcasting coming to the region in 2007 will actually help improve its market penetration. Makes sense, as people upgrade to new TVs they'll want more and more HD programming, if Sky can fill that gap then it should work out great for everyone except the Kiwi's waiting until 2008 to see their own country on Discovery Channel HD every other week.

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