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EA seeking extra cash from collectors

Ken Weeks

EA is getting into the Collector's Edition racket with an upgraded version of Need For Speed: Carbon on sale October 31. Here's what you get for $69.99:

  • 3 new cars
  • 10 specially tuned cars
  • 6 new races
  • 10 exclusive vinyl kits
  • Code to download Mazda RX-7 off XBLM
  • Bonus DVD containing behind the scenes footage on the making of the game.
What? No cat helmet? Couldn't they have thrown in a Match Box Car or a spare tire? Notice that unlike Gears of War and Halo 3, two games far more likely to attract the rabid fan, EA thinks they can get away with charging extra for actual game content -- stuff that could easily be included on the regular disc or thrown up on XBLM. Is this a fair deal, or are you starting to get that Lumines Live content gouge feeling?

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