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Breakfast Topic: How Do You Choose a Guild?

David Nelson

Inspired by the great comments in our PVP threads last week, I started a new alt on a PVP server. Darrowmere to be exact. The server is only a few weeks old, I got my priest to level 20, and all seems to be going well. In fact, I am so annoyed with my current guild, I might make Darrowmere my permanent home.

Now I need to find a guild on the server. Some people seem to have no problem with this. They see an ad in the forums or a catchy message in the looking for guild channel, they join one, and that's that. For me, I have never had a good experience with that. I have been in two guilds long term, and in both instances I grouped with some guys in the guild several times and got to know them before I ever thought to join. I always thought that getting to know some folks, deciding if they are a fit, and then joining is the best way to do it, however, maybe I am being an overly cautious wuss. Now on an established server with numerous endgame guilds, these rules really don't apply, but on a new server, with a constantly fluctuating guild situation, perhaps I need to be less picky, join and just check them out.

So what do you guys do? Join a guild and just quit if it doesn't fit? Or are you really picky like me?

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