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Samsung's MX-10 slim PC: with Core 2 Duo, and an "M"


The slim PC tower market is sure hottin' up with yet another introduced today, this time from Samsung. The MX10 mini PC measures a mere 55 x 265 x 299-mm (2.2 x 10.4 x 11.8-inches) and sports a Core 2 Duo and ATI Xpress 1100 graphics. If it looks familiar, it's 'cause it is: Samsung also has an AMD version which goes by the name of NX10 -- we peeped that one back at the Korea Electronics Show. Fully spec'd, the MX10 should pull about 1,100,000 Korea Won or about $1,265 of the lean green. Now, if Samsung could just get around to providing some official specs we could decide just how (in)appropriately priced the MX-10 really is.

[Via Akihabara News]

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