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ScummVM update improves point n' click emulation


It's been four months since the last update for ScummVM, the multiplatform point-and-click emulator. Just released v0.9.1 adds official support for DS and GP2X, with a GP32 port promised soon, but bug-fixes for existing versions (e.g., Dreamcast, PS2, PSP) are not be overlooked. Highlights include:

  • Fixes for Humongous Entertainment games, including better support for international versions
  • Improved detection for the FM-TOWNS version of Indy3
  • Fixes for The Feeble Files (more non-English versions are supported)
  • Parts of the Kyrandia engine have been rewritten (requires less CPU power)
  • PSP, PS2, and WinCE ports have been "greatly improved"
  • PalmOS port is up-to-date; features separate build for Tapwave Zodiac
  • WinCE port supports 2002 devices again
Is this new version gonna keep you from updating your PSP's firmware for the holiday flood of titles? Are you running ScummVM on a different portable?

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