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Silver PS2 announced for $129

Blake Snow

Sony announced today via press release that a "limited edition" silver PS2 will now be offered to North American gamers for $129.99 as it already has been to both the European and Japanese public. The shiny goodness includes a silver controller and integrated Ethernet port just like the black slimline edition. While the release makes no mention of an available date, expect the new color to hit stores before the Thanksgiving holidays. From the release: "To date, more than 111 million PlayStation 2 units and more than 1.12 billion pieces of software for the PlayStation 2 have shipped worldwide, making it the fastest-selling gaming platform on the market."

Should be interesting to see how well this little fellow sells next to all three next-gen consoles this holiday season. According to NPD, the PS2 has outsold the Xbox 360 every month (excluding April) since the latter's US launch. Live in our world, play in Sony's (for now).

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