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LaCie's Ethernet Disk mini hits 500GB, finally


Announced in January 2005, the 7200rpm 500GB LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is finally prepped to ship. In the UK anyway, where it can be pre-ordered for £245 inclusive of VAT. While the link to the US site is hot, the link to order for $299 remains dead as AIBO. The Ethernet Disk mini functions as a NAS for Windows, Mac and Linux boxes with support for UPnP A/V, Apple Bonjour, SMB, AFP, and more. It's better than that though, since it can also be plugged directly into your Mac or PC via the USB 2.0 interface for some external disk action when the network is unavailable. Hell, it even features an additional USB host port allowing you to expand capacity even further or pull photos directly from your USB equipped digital camera. Let's just hope they've boosted the transfer speeds as well. Shipping "late October 2006" which, in case you didn't know, means today LaCie.

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Read -- LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 500GB (UK)

Update: We just got an email from LaCie pointing out that the difference with this new model is that it includes gigabit Ethernet, and that it will be released only in Europe for the time being.

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