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Blockbuster's Total Access plan allows in-store returns of mailed movies

Darren Murph

Although Netflix certainly set the precedent with its online movie rental biz, has vowed to support HD DVD and Blu-ray formats, and seems to have an on-again / off-again relationship with downloadable rentals, Blockbuster is busting out a feature that Netflix isn't likely to soon match. Under the newly-unveiled "Total Access" plan, customers will not only be able to return all movies received in the mail to a brick-and-mortar location, but they'll receive "a free in-store movie rental" for their cooperation. The company is hoping to break the 2 million member mark by year's end, and also reported that customers who opt to return their flicks in-store should receive their next movie mailing about "a day faster than if they had returned it through the mail." While we're not sure if every single in-store return will yield yet another free rental (or if it's another "one per month" deal), we're not going to grumble over anything gratis.

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