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Delphi's SkyFi3 receives FCC blessing

Darren Murph

Even though CNET was able to get its grubby hands on a test unit to review, the SkyFi3 was apparently not yet really, really approved by the FCC for sale en masse. Nevertheless, Delphi had a right to feel confident, as the oh-so-powerful agency has officially given its blessing to the on-the-go XM device, and assured us all that it doesn't boast excessive transmission power which could prove harmful to our health radio firms' wealth. Dodging the ever-popular bullet of broadcasting signals too intense for humanity's well being, the SkyFi3 is free and clear to hit shelves "this holiday season" for $229, while "some retailers" will reportedly bundle in the $49 Live Wearable Kit (SA10252) for free during those mad end-of-year promotions.

[Thanks, Dustin]

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