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DFC states the obvious: Wii needs to be more than a fad

Blake Snow

While praising Wii's prospects as an industry disrupter, DFC Intelligence says Nintendo shouldn't hinge Wii's chances of success solely on its controller. Really? You mean to tell us that games will determine its success? Analyst David Cole also counsels the console to follow in the footsteps of its popular portable brother, the DS, that merely supplements gameplay with touch controls. Nintendo, we hope you're taking notes!

From the article: "So much emphasis has been put on the new control system that it often seems the controller is the platform. From DFC Intelligence's perspective it would probably not be a good thing for Nintendo if the Wii is defined mainly by its controller. The risk is that consumers have fun with the Wii controller for a few months, but the fad passes and they move back to their tried-and-true gameplay methods on a competing system."

In all seriousness, the report rightfully views the system as an "evolution" in console gaming rather than the promoted "revolution," because the latter implies a totally broken system that current industry growth contradicts. But to restate what Nintendo has said all along as its goal (heighten fun in games patterned after the DS)? That's like stealing your watch and telling you the time. So how about analyzing the more difficult execution process?

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